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TV Service
Time Warner TV Service

Time Warner Cable TV offers without a doubt one of the clearest pictures and sharpest sound quality available. With up to 200 channels available you and your whole family will never run out of things to watch.

Internet Service
Time Warner Internet Service

Time Warner Cable Internet has one of the fastest lines in the country. With the ability to have download speeds up to 50Mbps you will almost never have to wait for something to download or buffer.

Phone Service
Time Warner Phone Service

Time Warner Cable Phone gives you the ability to call nationwide with no call limits. Unlimited talk also includes free voicemail along with many other popular phone services such as caller ID and call waiting.

Why Choose Time Warner Cable

If you're looking for crystal clear TV service than look no further Time Warner Cable TV offers over 200 brilliant HD channels. No matter what your family likes to watch there is something for everyone. Time Warner Cable also offers a Sports Pack that allows you to watch more games than with regular TV alone. Every package comes with the ability to watch local news and sporting events. TWC is constantly upgrading its systems and it maintains its own advanced fiber network that gives you the ability to stream On-Demand movies and TV shows at the push of a button, unlike some other providers who make you download On-Demand choices over the internet which you then have to wait for them to load before watching. With over 10,000 titles to choose from you will never say there's nothing to watch ever again. TWC doesn't stop there either, now thanks to technology you can order a Whole House DVR with DVR service so you can watch your favorite programming on your DVR in any room of the house. Record hours of things you would like to watch for later, you can record TV series, events, sports and even movies. If you don't need to watch the DVR in other rooms you can opt for just a regular HD-DVR for your main TV.

Time Warner Cable Internet is one of the fastest available in the country, with download speeds up to 50Mbps you can stream movies without waiting, download large files, stream music without issues, visit unlimited websites and do virtually anything else without waiting. With the Standard Internet you will have access to PowerBoost® which is a technology that gives you extra bursts of speed when downloading large files. When things move quickly it gives you more free time to do whatever else you like to do.

Looking for a home phone service that's reliable? Time Warner Cable Home Phone service not only comes with unlimited calling and you can call anywhere in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, India and U.S. territories. Along with unlimited talk TWC's phone service comes with the most popular call features such as voicemail and Caller ID, these are all included at no additional cost. TWC doesn't stop there with phone service either, you will also have access to the Phone 2 Go app which allows you to send and receive calls on your tablet or smart phone using your phone number and plan associated with your home phone service. If you already have phone service with another provider you can bring your phone number with you, so don't fear about losing your phone number that you've had forever, or you can get a new phone number it's up to you.

There are Time Warner Cable specials in many areas that make switching and signing up easier than ever. Give our sales specialists a call as soon as you can to take advantage of these specials before they end. Sales specialists are standing by now.

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