Learn how you can get Spectrum HDTV, Internet and Voice in Pasadena, CA

Pasadena is known for its vintage, Victorian buildings with great shopping districts located in California along with the best savings on HDTV, Internet and Voice from Spectrum. The latest deals an bundles include Spectrum's Triple Play package, Double Play Services bundles and individual home services like HDTV, Internet and Voice to match your home's exact entertainment and internet needs. Without overpaying. Start bundling services to get to get the most savings from one of Spectrum's bundle deals. As the most affordable Internet service provider in Raleigh, you will get the greatest deals possible to watch, stream and talk by switching to Spectrum. Don't miss out on the deals and join now to start saving today. get the most savings possible start bundling services by choosing from: Spectrum's Triple Play Package Deals, Double Play Bundles or individual services to choose from to meet the specific needs of your home.


You wanted the best? You got it, with cable TV, High-Speed Internet, and voice from Spectrum in Pasadena. Sign your Pasadena, California home up for Spectrum services and get the biggest savings on the most features for TV, Internet, and landline phone. Tailor your digital package to your needs with Spectrum in Pasadena. Choose from a wide array of HD channels, streaming video services, high-download-speed Internet, and more. Call 844-456-2270 now to sign up for installation, or continue reading to learn more.

HDTV from Spectrum gives you more channels in HD than ever before in Pasadena, along with Spectrum DVR service in California for series recordings and pausing and rewinding live TV and Spectrum on Demand for more movies at the touch of a button. Spectrum HDTV at the Select level in Pasadena is the most affordable HDTV package around, with more than 125 channels in SD and HD, including all your basic cable favorites and regional sports coverage. 175+ channels, including more basic cable favorites, premium channels like HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax, and more sports come with the Spectrum Silver HDTV package. Spectrum HDTV Gold is the priciest package we offer but still gives you great value by bringing your home in Pasadena all the premium movie channels, plus fuller sports coverage with channels like the RedZone channel.

Spectrum is Available in Pasadena

With so much to do on the Internet these days, ranging from streaming video to listening to music and engaging in online gaming, you're going to want an Internet service in Pasadena that allows you to get the most of it. Spectrum High-Speed Internet in Pasadena features no data caps and up to 100 Mbps download speeds, so you'll never time out with Spectrum even as you play games online, stream on multiple devices, or use the Internet for work.

Unlimited local and long-distance talk throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and the US Virgin Islands is yours with Spectrum Voice in California. Your bill is the same each month and you'll never have to worry about contracts or hidden fees with Spectrum in California. With our landline home phone service in California you also experience great calling features like call forwarding, voicemail, anonymous call blocking and more. Spectrum will also in Pasadena will transfer you over by taking care of up to $500 worth of previous contracts.

These digital packages already provide your Pasadena home with some great services for affordable prices on their own. But you can save even more today when you sign up for HDTV, Internet, or Unlimited voice service as part of a Double or Triple Play bundle from Spectrum in Pasadena.

You may not need multiple services, but if you do make sure you bundle with Spectrum to save more per service per month than when you buy them individually. Save more with a Double Play in Pasadena, CA, and save even more than that when you go with a Spectrum Triple Play.

Ready to make a move? Call us at 844-456-2270 to get a broadband Internet, high-definition TV, and unlimited voice service package for your California home right away.

Spectrum offers these services to residents of the the following Pasadena ZIP code(s): 91101 91103 91104 91105 91106 91107 91125