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What is Spectrum?

Spectrum is among the largest cable companies around, and one of the best since it provides the largest high-definition and 4K cable TV station lineups at the industry with Spectrum TV™. Bundle this with blazing-fast Spectrum Internet™ for quick download speeds. Spectrum Voice™ is an electronic home telephone solution bringing you unlimited domestic long-distance and local calling through the USA, US Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, as well as Canada for one monthly fee.

Spectrum service are readily available individually (TV and Internet-only--Spectrum Voice™ is only available within a bundle) or as part of two- or three-service bundles (Double and Triple Plays) offering you multiple services in a low monthly cost. Spectrum Double Play bundles include Spectrum TV™ and Internet, Spectrum TV™ and Voice, and Spectrum Voice™ and Internet. Spectrum Triple Play bundles would be the thing to do, however, for the major savings each month for each service while providing you TV, Internet, and Voice using just 1 bill to recall.

Spectrum, previously Charter Communications, is among the largest Internet providers in the country. Spectrum brings unlimited domestic internet Services alongside superior digital phone service. Spectrum TV™ Cable TV is a high-definition and 4K service that range from Spectrum, today supplies the largest high-definition and 4K cable TV channels lineup at every price point. Spectrum Internet™ raises Spectrum download rates up to 100 Mbps in certain regions.

Who is Charter Communications?

Charter Communications, incorporated and founded in St. Louis, MO in 1993, is among the greatest cable TV providers in the USA, providing digital solutions in the Midwest, east coast, and southern and western areas of the USA. What started with former executives in Cencom Cable Television moving to begin their own organization is an expanding empire offering a lot more than simple cable TV services.

After being founded in 1993, Charter started to get influence and other businesses, such as Crown Media and Cable South in 1995, Marcus Cable in 1998, and a lot more. In 1997 Charter teamed with Earthlink to start supplying unlimited broadband internet through modems, first in California, then in Charter of regions throughout the nation.

Charter went public in November of 1999 servicing nearly four million clients, and joined together with lots of businesses to further consolidate and expand its offer region. In the previous decade-plus, Charter has risen from servicing four million clients around approximately 30.5 million individuals in twenty-nine U.S. states, with California, Missouri, Texas and Michigan as stronghold regions for the business.

Spectrum TV™ and Spectrum Internet™ are accessible as standalone solutions, as a part of a double play bundle combined with each other Or using Spectrum Voice™, or as an element of a three-service bundle together with three Services on a monthly invoice that is low. Spectrum Voice™ as a Standalone offer, needs to be bought as part of a bundle with Spectrum TV™, Internet, or both solutions. Regardless of What Combination You are going to find a whole lot about the maximum HD and 4K cable TV networks, the speediest Unlimited broadband internet, and the most economical unlimited domestic long-distance and local Landline home telephone offer. Spectrum TV™ is available in 3 tiers, with Gold comprising the many networks, Select including basic cable and local Networks in a simple cost point, and Silver dividing the gap with a Broad selection of basic cable networks plus a few premium networks, such as HBO and Showtime. Get started with Spectrum TV™, Internet and Voice by calling cablebundle.com today.

Is Spectrum the Same as Charter?

Is Spectrum the same as Charter? Yes and no. Soon all Charter suppliers will be updated to the new Spectrum name, so in the event you register for Charter as a TV, Internet and Voice supplier then you are receiving Spectrum. Spectrum TV™ sees a great deal more HD channels available than previously for the most significant high-definition and 4K cable TV lineup at every price point. Spectrum Internet™ has improved download speeds up to 100 Mbps. Spectrum Voice™ remains the exact same however remains the cheapest landline home phone service that provides unlimited nationwide local and long-distance conversation throughout the USA.

Spectrum is Charter Communications' face. Spectrum Offers the very same services as Charter, bringing additional high-definition and 4K channels to a cable TV lineup, quicker web speeds to your unlimited broadband internet solution, and the clearest digital voice into your landline home phone service. Spectrum has rolled out in most Charter areas, with upgrades still to come in some regions. New Charter residents are registering to the Spectrum solution, and present Charter residents will see the upgrades automatically with no action required.

When you add this with Spectrum Internet™ and Spectrum Voice™, you find the best services at the lowest prices. Start out at cablebundle.com to get moving now.

Is Spectrum Good?

The brief answer is a resounding yes.

The long answer involves comprehending the wonderful offers this spectrum bundle gives. Spectrum's digital home solutions comprise Spectrum TV™, Spectrum Internet™ offering approximately 100 Mbps download rates with unlimited nationwide Internet Data and no information limits, and Spectrum Voice™ unlimited nationwide local and long distance residential phone offer. Spectrum TV™ and Spectrum Internet™ can be bought within their as standalone options, and all 3 solutions are available as Double Plays (containing two solutions at a low monthly price) and Triple Plays (3 solutions to the savings per offer each month). A Spectrum Triple Play including high-definition TV, Internet, and Voice is a complete home entertainment solution. Check out all of Spectrum's services:

  • Spectrum HDTV. Spectrum TV™ is available in Spectrum TV™ Gold, Spectrum TV™ Silver, and Spectrum TV™ Select. Spectrum TV™ Select is the simple bundle, offering all your regional stations and cable stalwarts together with Complimentary high-def, On Demand streaming, and much more. Spectrum TV™ Silver attracts your high-def Channel complete to 175+ and contains high quality content from HBO®, Showtime®, and Cinemax®. Spectrum TV™ Gold offers the high-def channel selection available Everywhere, including all Spectrum's premium film stations, such as STARZ®, STARZ ENCORE®, and the Movie Channel®.
  • Spectrum HDTV. Spectrum unlimited broadband Internet attributes download speeds as high as 100 Mbps in certain regions. This is a lot quicker compared to AT&T U-Verse Internet, the nearest competition now. Play games on the internet, stream high-definition movie, and do all of it in precisely the exact same time during your house without worrying about lag or extensive streaming. Best, importantly, Spectrum Internet™ includes unlimited domestic information. There are also no data caps.
  • Spectrum Voice™ digital phone. This offer features unlimited nationwide local and long-distance calling in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and the US Virgin Islands. Your invoice is the Same low cost every month, no matter how many calls you make in these regions, enabling you to remain in touch and across the nation in an inexpensive way. Spectrum Voice™ Also features lots of excellent calling features, such as Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting and more.

What is Spectrum TV™?

Spectrum TV™ is the most recent update to cable TV in HD and 4K services from Spectrum Communications, one of the main cable TV providers in America. Spectrum TV™ is available today in most Spectrum solution locations.

Spectrum TV™ has taken the huge Charter Communications cable TV lineup and given it a boost, with more HD and 4K than ever before to make the largest HD and 4K cable TV channel lineup at the company at every accessible price point. That means Spectrum TV™ Select will get one of the greatest HD and 4K cable TV lineup in the fundamental, entry-level point; with Spectrum Silver TV you have the greatest HD and 4K cable TV lineup in the mid-tier price level, even including some premium stations, and with Spectrum TV™ Gold you get the greatest HD and 4K cable TV lineup, bar none, including all the available premium stations and a good deal more.

Let us begin with Spectrum TV™ Select. This low-tier offer at the fundamental price level is the most inexpensive option, but still provides loads of TV to watch, such as all your local stations, popular cable stalwarts ranging from ESPN to the Food Network, the USA Network, FOX Sports, and a good deal more. You'll even find regional sports programs covering your regional teams where available. Spectrum TV™ Select also includes Spectrum On Demand featuring the most HD and 4K shows choices right at your fingertips.

Spectrum TV™ Silver is the next greatest offer. This Mid-tier option provides you all the advantages of Spectrum Select TV, and more basic cable stations, more sports coverage, and numerous networks of HBO®, Cinemax®, and Showtime® using their award-winning shows and commercial-free hit Hollywood movies. More stations mean more On Demand programs at no charge in HD and 4K also.

Spectrum TV™ Gold is the highest Offer, but it is still a wonderful price, giving you the greatest HD and 4K cable TV selection overall in the business, bar none. You receive everything you get with the Select and Silver packs, and more sports coverage, and more premium stations for a complete package of film stations and award-winning first, commercial-free shows, including STARZ, STARZ ENCORE, the Movie Channel and more to your HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax. That also means you get shows and movies from such stations available On Demand free of extra cost.

Spectrum TV™ is a great bargain on its own, but you get even More value when you combine it with Spectrum Internet™ (comprising download Speeds of up to 100 Mbps), Spectrum Voice™ (giving you unlimited domestic local and Long-distance landline home telephone services saving you a third off your typical Telephone company bill) or both solutions. Contact cablebundle.com to learn more about a Spectrum Double Play or Spectrum Triple Play deal.

What is Spectrum On Demand?

What's Spectrum On Demand? Spectrum On Demand is Much exactly what it feels like--with your remote control, you can select streaming movie to view at the touch of a button, most them absolutely free. Look at shows you missed--in case that you can't watch them in their first air date and time--Hollywood films, documentaries, live concert events, pay-per-view sporting events like top-tier boxing events, UFC fights, WWE specials, plus much more. On Demand is very simple to use and lets you pause and rewind your shows.

To get Spectrum On Demand, you have to subscribe to Spectrum TV™. That is a complete steal, because with Spectrum TV™ you'll have the biggest high-definition cable TV lineup for the price point, from the fundamental Select bundle to the greatest Gold, with Silver dividing the difference. Spectrum TV™ is a wonderful bargain by itself, but bear in mind that you save even more per month when you combine TV using Spectrum Internet™, Spectrum Voice™ for a Triple Play offer at a very low price with no more than one invoice to pay.

The other services available to bundle with Spectrum TV™ are Spectrum Internet™ and Spectrum Voice™. Spectrum Internet™ is an unlimited high-speed cable internet offer providing you download speeds of 60 Mbps in certain areas and as large as 100 Mbps others, enabling you to surf the Internet faster than ever before all while linking multiple users, streaming items like music, movies, and TV shows, and playing games online without slowing down the always-on connection. Spectrum Voice™ is our unlimited nationwide local and long-distance telephone offer, maintaining your invoice the exact same each month no matter how many calls you make within the USA, US Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico and Canada. Get started with all of our services by calling cablebundle.com today.

Is Spectrum TV™ App Free?

In a world where streaming video is the Standard, streaming high-definition TV Is essential. Spectrum understands this, and that's the reason Spectrum provides the Spectrum TV™ program. This app lets you stream entertainment from networks according to your Spectrum TV™ subscription, depending upon your deal. By way of instance, readers in the Gold deal, you can stream the most networks, whereas those on the Select deal at the least.

The best part? Spectrum TV program is FREE for Spectrum TV™ subscribers. That is all that streaming TV goodness directly to your pc, tablet computer, or smartphone with no additional costs.

Publish your streaming high-definition TV from Spectrum with Spectrum Broadband Internet to support your needs. Spectrum Internet™ provides 100 Mbps of Internet bandwidth and unlimited nationwide information, so you can stream TV and on the Internet HD and 4K videos 24/7.

What is Spectrum Internet™?

Spectrum Internet™ is many the fastest Internet around, from the major internet solution provider in America. With rates up to as large as 100 Mbps in several locations, Spectrum Internet™ is some of the fastest. Use Spectrum Internet™ as a standalone solution or as part of a cost-saving bundle with Spectrum TV™ or Spectrum Voice™ home telephone now to experience these rates firsthand.

Spectrum Internet™ is cable internet, meaning that unlike Satellite internet it's not dependent on mild weather to work. Spectrum's cable unlimited high-speed internet solution lets you play games online without hassle out, stream music and films without buffering or disturbance, even join multiple users in your house without knocking out the always-on connection. Spectrum Internet™ also includes a couple of unique features like Spectrum Security Suite.

Spectrum Security Suite comes free of charge with Spectrum Internet™ and is a suite of security software to secure your home network from viruses, spyware, adware and other dangers of the online world. Staying connected all the time means you need to secure your house desktop and notebook computers, and Spectrum Security Suite, only available with Spectrum Internet™, lets you do that.

Let us find out about the other services you can get with Spectrum in your city. Spectrum TV™ is available in three tiers, providing you with the largest high-definition cable TV lineup at every price point: Gold offers you the most premium networks and many basic cable networks, including HBO, Showtime, STARZ, STARZ ENCORE, Cinemax, the Movie Channel and more. Spectrum TV™ Select provides you a low price point and tons of cable TV to watch. Spectrum TV™ Silver divides the gap with many basic cable networks and multiple networks of HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime. Free DVR can be obtained at any given price level.

Spectrum Voice™, our electronic landline home telephone solution, brings you unlimited nationwide local and long-distance talk throughout the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and the US Virgin Islands, together with a great deal of popular calling features, such as free 411 calls, caller ID, voicemail, call forwarding and much more.

Get started with one or all three of our great services by calling cablebundle.com today.

Is Spectrum Internet™ Unlimited?

Yes! Unlike other suppliers, Spectrum Offers limitless Internet information for Spectrum Internet™ readers, regardless of what your speed. That is 100 Mbps of unlimited broadband Internet and no information caps. Support all your streaming, gaming, and downloading with Spectrum Internet, as you can do all three for no extra cost, and no cut-offs.

Many suppliers will give you high data caps, and inform you That "you won't ever reach that cap" because it's so much data. But don't be Fooled: if they desired to have you never run out of information then they would just Give you limitless information. With Spectrum, you never have to worry about hitting Your cap with all the streaming video and gaming you're certain to do.

What is Spectrum Voice™?

Spectrum Voice™ is our digital home phone service, providing unlimited local and long-distance talk throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Unlimited talk means that no matter how many calls you make, your bill is the same each month, up to 35% less than your typical phone company bill. Spectrum Voice™ not only provides the most affordable crystal-clear landline home phone in the business, it also gives you many popular calling features, including:

Voicemail – Lets callers leave messages for you when you're not around, and you can check it from any phone.

Call Waiting – Allows you answer calls and put people on hold while you're already on the phone.

Caller ID – Shows you the number and identifying info of who's calling you.

Spectrum Voice™ Is Still a popular solution, however it is no More Available as a standalone solution out of Spectrum. Our house telephone offer must be bundled into a cost-saving two-service or even three-service bundle with Spectrum TV™, Spectrum Internet™, or the two solutions. You save money each month, each solution, using a Spectrum Triple Play bundle providing you with the exact same excellent Voice and Internet services along with your selection of Spectrum TV™ packs which range from the Works of Gold TV into the fundamental, lower-tier Spectrum Select TV offer.

Together with Spectrum Triple Play you've got your pick between three Distinct TV bundles. Spectrum TV™ Select provides you our fundamental lineup, with lots of cable networks in HD and 4K, regional sports programs, and all the regional networks. Spectrum TV™ Silver provides more fundamental cable networks, more sports, and the award-winning initial channels and also commercial-free Hollywood pictures of numerous components of HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax. Spectrum TV™ Gold stipulates the largest station lineup at HD and 4K of all including more fundamental cable networks in HD and 4K, much more sports, and of the available premium networks along with everything you get together with Select and Silver, together with STARZ ENCORE, STARZ, The Movie Channel and much more. Each TV offer includes Spectrum On Demand, also totally free DVR can be obtained also.

Spectrum Internet™, together with it is around 100 Mbps rates, rounds Outside the Triple Play offer. Use Spectrum Voice™ as a part of a multi-service bundle now.

Is Spectrum Voice™ a Landline?

No. Physical connections are used by landlines that are conventional Telephone businesses or linked through phone cable to ship and receive calls. An electronic telephone such as Spectrum Voice™ uses the already-existing cable used to your Internet and TV solution to solution a telephone.

What exactly does that mean? That means Voice clients receive the very best of both worlds! Since Voice is an electronic line, you have the very best in calling attributes and crystal-clear reception. Similarly, since the calls go and come on a physical line (your Internet connection) you have the reliability of a landline. What is more, you may even incorporate additional services such as VoIP in your solution as your telephone and Internet information share a lineup.

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