Get More Information on Spectrum Services from Lexington-KY through the Double Play Bundle with High-Definition TV and Internet

Spectrum literally hooks you up with the best digital services in Lexington. Get unlimited domestic calling in and out of Lexington, unlimited high-speed Internet, and the most HDTV in Lexington. And bundle them together to save even more. Find out more about high-definition TV and high-speed, wireless Internet in Lexington, KY. Combine these services together in a Spectrum Double Play bundle and you'll have amazing entertainment with more than enough data. Call 844-456-2270 or read on to find out more.

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Spectrum HDTV provides subscribers in Lexington with many channel options to watch and choose from. Channels vary depending on high-definition TV in Lexington tier and location. Get options like AMC, CNBC, MSNBC, A&E, Bravo, ESPN, FOX, and CNN. Spectrum's premium channels are convenient and provide excellent entertainment for your family. In Lexington, KY with options like STARZ, HBO, NFL RedZone, and the Movie Channel, you can choose what channels you want in your home. Take advantage of Spectrum's On Demand service where you can stream movies and shows right to your Kentucky household. Watch entertainment in HD and receive incredible network programming.

Stream TV shows and movies on a tablet or mobile device anywhere in Kentucky using Spectrum's TV apps. Watch those channels included in your HDTV package while you're on-the-go! You'll have access to over 60 channel apps.

Connect all your devices with Spectrum high-speed Internet in Lexington, KY. Start streaming and gaming online, in 4K and HD, and take advantage of Spectrum's 100 Mbps bandwidth. That's more than enough bandwidth for all your entertainment needs. Check how much it is possible to stream and game together with that sort of bandwidth. This means you are going to be streaming a lot of content during every day in Lexington. If that is how it is, rest assured Spectrum supports Lexington readers using unlimited domestic Internet data. Spectrum offers amazing service to Lexington, KY with a variety of HDTV and high-speed Internet. However, if you decide on a Triple Play package including voice service, you can save money and get free DVR service. Now that's a deal!

Get some of the fastest Internet and incredible HDTV in your Kentucky home today with Spectrum. If you're currently in a contract, don't fret. Spectrum offers an incredible $500 contract buy out. Call 844-456-2270 and find out how you can make the switch today.