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Bundle Spectrum TV, Internet & Phone in New Hampshire

Spectrum TV in New Hampshire

200+ stations, streaming On Demand video, and amazing TV streaming are for the asking with Spectrum high-def TV.

Spectrum Internet in New Hampshire

Sign up with Spectrum 100 Mbps Internet to enjoy the very best of contemporary Internet streaming and gaming.

Spectrum Voice in New Hampshire

Avoid contracts of charges that are hidden using Spectrum Voice, available together with the Spectrum Double and Triple Play.

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each for 12 months when
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Spectrum TV in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is an area rich in history dating back to the American Revolution. Such a long-lasting spirit of achievement speaks to the wealth of the state, and to the wealth that New Hampshire residents have. Spend some time enjoying your success by connecting your house to Spectrum HDTV and the hundreds of channels and music options available. Get channels that explore the arts, history, architecture, and other topics alongside the best in 24-hour news and sports. Subscribers in New Hampshire can also bundle TV in a Silver or Gold package to increase their HD channel coverage to over 200 channels that include over 40 channels of streaming music, thousands of On Demand offerings, and premium channels like HBO and the NFL Network.

New Hampshire Gets Spectrum High-Speed Internet

Stay connected to the history of New Hampshire by staying in touch with the information you need to research the important places throughout the state. With Spectrum high-speed internet, you can do just that as much and as fast as you want. With download speeds up to 100 Mbps, never worry about having to wait to browse the online offerings of the New Hampshire Historical Society, even while the kids play games online or stream video. And with unlimited data, you will never get cut off from the information you want. Spectrum broadband Internet is 20x faster than 3 Mbps DSL and 10x faster than 6 Mbps AT&T U-Verse. Don't wait: check out deals in your area by entering your zip code at the top of this page.

Spectrum Voice for New Hampshire

If you are stuck in a long-term contract for Internet, TV, or cellular service in New Hampshire, Spectrum will buy out that contract for up to $500. Take this opportunity to get out of that deal and get into a Spectrum Triple Play that includes TV, Internet, and our Voice service. Spectrum Voice allows unlimited local and long-distance calling nationwide alongside popular calling features like call forwarding and free voicemail for a low price that won't fluctuate over time. Call friends and family in Manchester, NH or Manchester, CA for the same price. Throw in free 411 calls, accurate 911 location for emergency situations, and no required contract, and making the switch has just become a no-brainer.

map showing spectrum is avalable in New Hampshire