Discover more HDTV, Internet and Phone from Spectrum in New York, NY

With a name and reputation as big as New York City known as the beacon of world finance, media and multi-cultural influence, with iconic sites like Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and Times Square needs a reliable and stable Internet Service Provider like Spectrum. Get super fast, high Speed Internet with the best HDTV to catch the latest online movies on demand and crystal clear Voice services to provide more content with instant access. Customers in New York City are connected to the greatest and most reliable phone service network available with local and nationwide calling. Start maximize savings by bundling services together with Spectrum's Triple Play Package Deals, Double Play Bundles or individual services to choose from to meet the exact services you really need.


voice from Spectrum, HDTV from Spectrum, and high-speed Internet from Spectrum are all available now to bring the leading high-speed Internet, voice, and cable TV services into your New York, NY home. Get big savings on Spectrum in New York on these leading services. With Spectrum in New York, the many available options help you create a package that fits your needs, including a variety of TV channels in HD, streaming video options. Internet, and more. So, call 844-456-2270 to get installation on the schedule, or continue reading below to learn more details.

HDTV from Spectrum gives you more channels in HD than ever before in New York, along with Spectrum DVR service in New York for series recordings and pausing and rewinding live TV and Spectrum on Demand for more movies at the touch of a button. Spectrum HDTV at the Select level in New York is for the price-conscious and features 125+ channels. 175+ channels, including more basic cable favorites and movie channels like HBO, and Showtime, come with the Spectrum Silver HDTV package, aimed at those in the middle budget range. Spectrum HDTV Gold is aimed at those looking for platinum selection, but it still provides great value by giving you all the premium movie channels (adding The Movie Channel and Starz/Encore channels), plus fuller news, entertainment, and sports coverage.

Spectrum is Available in New York

Spectrum High-Speed Internet in New York has the 100 Mbps download speeds and lack of data cap to let you take advantage of all the online space has to offer these days. The combination of speed and unlimited Internet enables you to stream music and movies online without interruption, play games without worrying about lagging, and be sure that your Internet service will always be up and running for that last-minute work.

With Spectrum Voice in New York provides you the reliability of a landline with digital clarity. Spectrum Voice in NY means unlimited calling in the USA and Canada, along with US territories including the US Virgin Islands, Guam, and Puerto Rico, so your bill is the same each month no matter how many long-distance and local calls you make. With our landline home phone service in New York you also experience great calling features and easy transfers taking care of up to $500 worth of previous contracts.

Sign up for Spectrum HDTV, Spectrum Internet, or Spectrum Unlimited voice service as part of a two-service Double or even three-service Triple Play bundle and save even more. While each great service is a value on its own, you get the best value when you sign up for multiple services at once: TV and Internet, TV and Phone, Phone and Internet, or TV, Phone, and Internet in New York.

Make the most of your Spectrum package in terms of savings and price when you create a bundle. Get a Spectrum Double Play in New York, NY for more savings and two out of our Phone, TV and Internet services on one monthly bill or a Spectrum Triple Play in New York, New York for all three.

Our operators are standing by, so get started by making the call to 844-456-2270 to set up with an installation time for Spectrum TV, Internet, and Phone services in New York today.

Spectrum offers these services to residents of the the following New York ZIP code(s): 10001 10003 10004 10005 10007 10009 10011 10012 10014 10016 10017 10018 10019 10020 10021 10022 10023 10024 10025 10026 10027 10028 10029 10030 10031 10032 10033 10034 10035 10036 10037 10038 10039 10040 10041 10065 10069 10075 10103 10104 10105 10106 10107 10111 10112 10118 10119 10121 10123 10128 10152 10154 10162 10165 10166 10167 10169 10170 10270 10271 10280 10281 10282 10285