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Spectrum Voice, Only Available with the Spectrum Bundle

Spectrum Voice offers crystal-clear conversations with your loved ones or whoever, without the fear of the line dropping. Stop paying those hidden fees or taxes like the telephone company forces you to pay. Spectrum Voice is only available as part of a Spectrum Double Play or Triple Play package.

  • Over 18 of the most popular home phone calling features standard
  • Unlimited calling within in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico
  • No hidden fees or taxes, and no contracts
starting at
$ 29 99
for 12 months when bundled
Spectrum helps you save BIG

Spectrum Voice™ is Here

Available now: Spectrum Voice. The Spectrum home phone service is back and better than ever, with the best voice features and the most advanced voice product you've ever experienced. Be heard with more clarity and reliability than ever before, and manage your phone from anywhere with Spectrum Voice Online Manager. Keep your family safe and rest assured that if you need help Spectrum offers full 911 service on your phone. Fire, paramedics and police are a simple call away. Spectrum's phone service also works with most home security services. Spectrum Voice upgrades occur automatically for current customers. If you're a new customer interested in digital phone, read on further to see just what you get with Spectrum Voice.


Stop missing calls because you are busy with life or already on another call. With Voicemail service you can leave your home with the comfort knowing that everyone can leave you a voice message and you can check your voicemail from any phone, no matter where you might be.

Call Waiting

If you're a popular person then you need Call Waiting to give you a beep letting you know that someone else is calling when you're already on another call. You can always benefit from knowing when someone is calling when you're using the phone.

Caller ID

With Caller ID you will be able to see what phone number is calling before you pick up the phone. (Make sure your phone is capable of displaying Caller ID.)

Call Waiting with Caller ID

Make sure that you control your incoming calls with Caller ID and Call Waiting.

Selective Call Acceptance

Combining the best of both worlds, even if you're on the phone and someone calls on the other line you can view their Caller ID information before you switch over. Stop being distracted by unwanted calls when you're already on the phone.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Assign up to 12 numbers to allow for incoming calls. Block everyone else. Rest assured that you will only get the phone calls that you want.

Call Screening

Store up to 12 phone numbers of people who you want to have forwarded to an automated message stating that their calls are not being accepted at the moment. Get rid of unwanted calls!

Custom Ring

Assign a customer ring tone for up to 12 people. Even if you are in the other room, the unique ring tone will alert you as to whom is calling.

Spectrum Voice: Unlimited Calling

Say goodbye to expensive long distance phone bills by signing up for Spectrum Voice phone service today. Available in combination with our other services, Spectrum Internet and Spectrum TV, Spectrum Voice is a great addition to any Spectrum Bundle of services, whether you decide on a Double Play or Triple Play Bundle.Spectrum Voice does not require any new equipment; you use the same handsets and jacks you would with any other phone service, but it comes from the same connection as your cable television and Internet service. Spectrum Voice offers unlimited local and long distance calling throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the United States Virgin Islands, all for one low monthly rate; no matter how much you call, your bill will always be the same, with none of the extra taxes or fees the phone company normally charges. Spectrum Voice has a number of features you've come to expect from phone service and more. With Spectrum Voice you'll get free 411 calls, voicemail, and many other calling features, including caller ID, private number, and custom rings for identifying different callers. If you bundle with Spectrum Internet, you can manage your home phone from anywhere, at home or on the go, with Spectrum Voice Online Manager, available at no extra cost. You can also add on the ability to make international calls with Spectrum Voice. Get started with Spectrum Voice by bundling with either television or Internet service, or both services today.

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