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Bundle Spectrum TV, Internet & Phone in South Carolina

Spectrum TV in South Carolina

200+ stations, streaming On Demand video, and amazing TV streaming are for the taking with Spectrum high-def TV.

Spectrum Internet in South Carolina

Sign up with Spectrum 100 Mbps Internet to enjoy the very best of contemporary Internet streaming and gaming.

Spectrum Voice in South Carolina

Avoid contracts of charges that are hidden using Spectrum Voice, available together with the Spectrum Double and Triple Play.

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$ 29 99
each for 12 months when
bundled together

Spectrum TV in South Carolina

Columbia, SC is known for being "famously hot," and what better way to beat the heat than with a great selection of HDTV channels and streaming options from Spectrum TV. With content from channels such as ESPN, CNN, and the Disney Channel, your family is covered. And never compromise: Spectrum doesn't force you to give up your favorite local sports and news. Local coverage and expansive HDTV offerings include access to Spectrum On Demand and the Spectrum TV app. Stream live TV and video on-the-go or at home and have your entertainment when and where you want it. And when you bundle TV with Internet and Phone, you can include premium channels like HBO, Cinemax, and the NFL Network. What are you waiting for? Enter your zip code and see what kind of deals are available to you.

South Carolina Gets Spectrum High-Speed Internet

Spectrum TV and Internet pair perfectly together. Keep on top of USC football with access to online college and sports, and live streaming games. This is because Spectrum Internet gives you up to 100 Mbps of download speed and unlimited data. High bandwidth and unlimited data means you could stream and surf all day on multiple devices without stoppage of service or performance slowdown. Keep your entire household connected and guarantee that your family streams all the live video, gaming, and music they want. Spectrum Internet also comes with a free modem.

Spectrum Voice for South Carolina

Keep in touch with friends and family in Charleston, Columbia, or Charlotte, when you bundle Internet, HDTV service, and Spectrum Voice for a wonderful, flat rate. Spectrum Voice provides exactly what you expect from a residential landline service. At its core, Spectrum Voice gives you crystal-clear reception with no dropped calls or loss of service. Spectrum includes your favorite calling features like caller ID, call blocking, call forwarding, and voicemail. Considering that, with Spectrum Voice, you can make calls nationwide and to Canada for the same flat rate, it seems like a simple decision.

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